Carole & Zippy
About The Book

A fabulous new book is finally available about the escapades of Zippy during the wonderful, wacky, years of vintage TV. From Howdy Doody to David Letterman, Zippy the TV Chimp brought a new dimension to the hundreds of network shows he appeared on. Even more entertaining were the behind the scenes stories of his antics off stage; real life, unbelievable, funny and true! This chimp dressed, lived and traveled as a child, interacted with countless Television Hosts, Celebrities and people on the street. His adventures were limitless.

Stories that were SECRET, FUN, AMAZING, HYSTERICAL & TRUE now exposed!

Browse through our site and learn about Zippy, his owner/mother Carole Womack, and the various people that have been bewitched and fallen in love with Zippy the TV Chimp! We know you'll want to know more and more about this incredible, talented chimp!